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Ranked OK for 2 mayor hopefuls


Mayoral candidates Scott Stringer and Dianne Morales plan to set aside their political difference­s Sunday in what they’re touting as the first ranked-choice voting endorsemen­t in the city’s history.

State Sen. Gustavo Rivera will endorse both candidates in their runs for City Hall, with a first-place nod to Stringer, the city’s comptrolle­r, and a No. 2 endorsemen­t for Morales, a former nonprofit CEO.

The June Democratic primary for mayor is the first time the city will use ranked-choice voting to decide a mayor’s race.

Ranked-choice elections mean voters get to rank up to five candidates listed on ballots for citywide offices.

Voters still have the option of picking just one candidate, but won’t be allowed to choose multiple candidates for any one ranking.

Stringer (top) and Morales (inset) are rolling out their announceme­nt in part to raise awareness about the new system.

“Senator Rivera has been a tremendous partner on progressiv­e causes, and I’m proud to have earned his support,” Stringer said. “I’m thrilled to have his endorsemen­t, and to partner with him and Ms. Morales to spread awareness about ranked choice voting in 2021.”

Morales said ranked choice gives voters “the opportunit­y to vote for multiple candidates who align with their values.”

“I’m in this race fighting for a vision of equity and justice that centers the communitie­s I’ve been serving for 25 years,” she said. “Out of the many mayoral candidates, I’m delighted that both Sen. Rivera and I see a clear need for equity-centered policy coming out of City Hall, and proud to have his endorsemen­t.”

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