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Maple syrup adds a touch of sweetness to corn muffins


These sweet little corn nuggets are a big hit on my table any time of year. Combining flour with cornmeal lightens the batter, and the sweet maple and brown sugar flavors bring out the inherent creamy sweetness of the corn. I use Albers cornmeal, but you can use any cornmeal as long as it isn’t too coarse. Some brands will tell you the texture on the bag. Look for medium grind.

I like to serve these with orange-honey butter. To make orange-honey butter, combine orange zest with softened unsalted butter and orange blossom honey and mix them together until they are well blended.

You can make these in the mini-muffin size to serve with tea in a pretty napkin-lined basket with your favorite butter and preserves. They are also a complement­ary accompanim­ent to simple roasted chicken, hen or turkey. And sometimes I’ll serve them alongside a robust savory soup such as lentil or split pea. If you don’t finish them, freeze them in a freezer bag. Defrost and heat up in 300 F oven for a few minutes.

 ?? DREAMSTIME ?? Combining flour with cornmeal lightens the batter.
DREAMSTIME Combining flour with cornmeal lightens the batter.

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