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Task is to change Gang’s culture of losing


to the mantra: ‘All gas, no brake,”’ Saleh declared during his introducto­ry video news conference. “When we talk about, ‘All gas, no brake,’ we’re not talking about effort on the field. We’re talking about the process at which we do things. We’re talking about the way we prepare, the way we wake up every single morning, the way we rehab, the way we communicat­e, the way we speak to one another.”

Jets chairman and CEO Christophe­r Johnson announced a change in the team’s usual structure in which Saleh will report directly to general manager Douglas, who will in turn report to Johnson. The three stressed it will be a “partnershi­p,” with all of them along with team president Hymie Elhai assuming responsibi­lity for turning the Jets into winners.

And Saleh made it clear that things will change on his watch.

“I cannot tell you enough about how excited I am to work with this entire Jets organizati­on,” he said, “and understand­ing that when we wake up in the morning, we will all — from top down — step on the pedal and find a way to get somewhat better than we were when we woke up.”

The message was a good one, and refreshing. Sure, it might be a bit of the usual talking points from an eager new coach. But the Jets are convinced this time, thAey’ve got it right with Saleh.

And it goes beyond just words. “When we met with Robert, I was struck by his presence,” Johnson said. “He displayed an ability to engage with us in a virtual interview. He also clearly communicat­ed a vision of this team that aligns with ours. When we met in person, it validated everything we believed following our initial meeting. Robert has shown through his journey here that he is a leader, one that will engage the entire team and will partner with Joe to continue building the culture of a winning organizati­on. He has consistent­ly demonstrat­ed the ability to innovate, motivate and collaborat­e.

“His character and passion are what this team needs.”

It’s not often a coach hiring is met with universal praise from former players, current players, media and fans. And rarely when it comes to the Jets.

Saleh made NFL history by becoming its first Muslim American head coach. But his extensive and impressive coaching journey — 16 years as an NFL assistant after three at the college level — and his passion to lead brought him here.

And he has everyone believing that this is the start of a new era for the Jets.

One without jokes about losing and being a laughingst­ock.

“It will take time, but everything we do is going to be designed to win championsh­ips in the future,” Saleh said. “So, when we talk about, ‘All gas, no brake,’ and that mentality, waking up in the morning and putting your foot to the pedal and having that mindset, again, go to bed better than when you woke up, that’s the mindset we’re going to have.

“We’re very confident that’s going to lead to championsh­ips.”

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