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34 DAILY NEWS Sunday, January 24, 2021 NYDailyNew­ Email to or post your letter to or send fax to voicers@nydailynew­, (212) 643-7831, Voice of the People, Daily News, 4 New York Plaza, New York, NY 10004. Please include full name, address and daytime phone number. The Daily News reserves the right to edit letters. Author hides name, and motivation G oodyear, Ariz.: No wonder the author of (“The Alexander Hamilton slavery smear,” op-ed, Jan. 16) did not reveal his/her name. He/she says that Hamilton never sought the title of abolitioni­st (did people seek this title?), then claims the word “had” proves that the woman his wife hired went home and was therefore not a slave. Sounds like a Clintonian “depends on the definition of ‘is.’ ” He/she refers to the census of 1800 that “proves” Hamilton had no slaves but then says he had four “free” Black workers in his house that were “likely” hired servants. I’m sure the 1800 census was accurate — just say your slaves are free servants when the census taker comes. Hamilton’s in-laws, it seems, purchased slaves, but the author offers no evidence of Hamilton denouncing their slave trading (maybe because he married well and couldn’t criticize them). The author also fails to mention that by today’s standards (which are used to condemn other historical figures), Hamilton would be guilty of attempted murder for participat­ing in a duel (notwithsta­nding his poor shooting prowess). Any honors should be expunged from the history books because if he was alive today, he would be a felon, right? It seems that others are being tarnished as “for slavery” on less evidence, but because a play is a success, you can’t denigrate the man. And if someone wrote an anonymous article suggesting that Malcolm X or A.C. Powell should not have streets named after them, I doubt that it would get published. Peter Provenzale HULTON ARCHIVE | GETTY IMAGES Buyers beware mistakes in the past it still has, since its founding, done more good than evil. Maybe before condemning the whole church for the acts of a few, remember what Jesus said to the angry mob that was about to stone the adulterous women: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” We could all use a little love and forgivenes­s these days, don’t you think? Off the throne the greatest players in baseball history. Rest in peace, Hank. personal aggrandize­ment. Have your standards, Daily News, been so compromise­d, and have you lost all decency and journalist­ic integrity in your hatred of President Trump that you allow this dirty bum to soil the pages of your tabloid? Manhattan: Be careful about renewing a lease during this pandemic period. My complex’s management offered me a lease at the old rental amount. Without proper considerat­ion, I asked for 10% less and we compromise­d at 5%. I assumed that their offer was consonant with the market and similar to other apartments. To my dismay, I found later that the same apartment on a higher floor was being offered at 15% less, with a 10% vacancy rate. Lesson learned. Rockaway Beach: Well, Medieval Man is gone. No more wall-building, no castle with a moat; no more fear of dragons. Gone are his ragged bands of insurgents, cheering. The dangerous vagaries, pointed insults and betrayal of the very flags they carried. Gone, for now, these serfs to a feudal lord. But now is time for recovery, rejoining the world, building hope and bridges to a truer tomorrow; wiping out plagues, both of disease and of a wicked disenchant­ment with reality. Was it all a bad dream? Let’s make sure it doesn’t recur. Leslie Langer Riddle me this Brookfield, Conn.: To Voicer Sam Katz: The Mueller investigat­ion may have taken two years, but the accusation­s and verbal abuse started before and still continue. But the new question is if the Russians are so powerful and capable that they could sabotage the election in Trump’s favor, why wouldn’t they have done it again? Bob Pascarella Let it go Jim Cantwell Plainview, L.I.: Someone please tell me how much is it going to cost to get lawyers to convict Donald Trump? Wouldn’t it be much better to buy vaccines for people and put the money to good use? I guess Nancy Pelosi’s hatred for Trump is worth more than human lives. Why can’t we impeach Pelosi for the crime of hatred for Trump? I say let it go and start concentrat­ing on how she can help get more vaccines. Rules of the road Bronx: Regarding scooters, e-bikes, etc., Sam Schwartz states in his column that if it has an engine, it must obey all traffic laws (“Gridlock Sam,” Jan. 22). It’s a shame that a former transporta­tion commission­er doesn’t know that even vehicles without engines, such as bicycles, have to obey traffic laws as well. Fred Schoenebor­n Nelson Marans Danger zone Long-lost Maureen McNelis Manhattan: Massapequa Park, L.I.: In these hard times, so many of us are surviving solely thanks to our social support system, such as our friends and family. I encourage people to try to connect with old friends they haven’t spoken to in a while. With that being said, if she happens to read this, I would like to ask my old friend Whitney Williams, who attended IS 323 in Brownsvill­e, to reach out to me on popular social media networks. I feel very sorry for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for not feeling safe around other members of Congress. I think it would be in her best interest to resign from Congress and go into some type of safe space where she will not have to live in fear. End of an era Brooklyn: I’m going to miss Bramhall’s depictions of Trump now that Trump has left the scene. Richie Nagan Frank Mauceri Get help Joseph A. Pierre Polar opposities It ain’t over Oak Ridge, N.J.: Maybe the QAnons should try Al-Anon. Manhattan: Jan. 20 was a fitting finale to a painful four-year tragedy. Early in the morning, Donald Trump engaged in another bit of hostile, self-aggrandizi­ng rhetoric in front of an audience essentiall­y limited to his family. A few miles away and a few minutes later, President Biden addressed the whole nation about everything but himself: democracy, racial harmony, the pandemic, the need to heal and build together. It was another vivid image, hopefully the last one, of how Trump’s behavior has made him an outcast, only accepted and admired by people with his very own brand of racism, ignorance and arrogance. Raymond P. Moran Copiague, L.I.: Never fear, Voicer Denise Rushton: Now that Trump is out of office, the Daily News will have plenty to report on: the NYC criminal prosecutio­n, the NYS lawsuit against him, the Georgia prosecutio­n of his attempted vote fraud, the prosecutio­n of incitement to riot/ insurrecti­on. James Heimbuch Incredibly uncredible Hammer gone home Lois Pine Bronx: It appears the Daily News has neglected to do its homework, or worse, just doesn’t care (“Unity? First, accountabi­lity,” op-ed, Jan. 17). Are you aware that author Rick Wilson of the Lincoln Project is a miserable, malicious, un-American Trump hater? He has insulted the 75 million Americans who voted for the president on numerous occasions, calling them rubes and idiots. Wilson and his Lincoln Project co-founders have raked in millions of dollars from gullible supporters, using the funds for St. Albans: I would like to offer my condolence­s to the family of Hank Aaron. He will be sorely missed by his family, friends, former teammates and all of his adoring fans. He was consistent in being elected to the All-Star Game 21 years in a row. He put up with the prejudice and hate mail when he was attempting to break Babe Ruth’s career home run record. He hit 755 career home runs and had 3,771 career hits. He also had a .305 career batting average. He was one of Sins of a few Union Beach, N.J.: As a Roman Catholic, I am distressed and troubled by the scandals that have occurred over the years. I can understand the backlash that the church has received. However, you must remember that the church is made up of humans and we are imperfect. What is not corruptibl­e and can never be changed is God’s love and forgivenes­s for all of us. Although the church has made Karen Meyer Campbell Elusive appeal Bronx: I read the short letter from Voicer James Long asking that we stop dismissing all Trump supporters as racist. I agree. But it begs the question: Why do you support him? Benoit J. Jadoul David Rodriguez