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Stringer: Goodies with shots

- Shant Shahrigian

Mayoral wannabe Scott Stringer wants to give the local economy a shot in the arm by sending free vouchers for movie tickets and other perks to every New Yorker who gets a COVID vaccine.

He’d allocate $50 million for free MetroCards, meals at restaurant­s, tickets to cultural venues and more.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged our local economy, as small businesses in every borough struggle to keep their doors open, pay their bills, and maintain a payroll,” Stringer, the city comptrolle­r, said in a Monday statement. “Subway and bus ridership has plummeted. Let’s help tackle all these problems at once by leveraging our ongoing vaccinatio­n efforts and sending vaccinated New Yorkers away with vouchers.”

Mass transit is seeing less than half the ridership levels it had prepandemi­c, according to a recent report from Stringer’s office. Restaurant reservatio­ns are way down, too, he noted.

Stringer has been polling near the back of the pack in the crowded mayor’s race.

That’s not for a lack of policy proposals from the candidate who has vowed to “manage the hell out of the city.” Those range from $100,000 grants for small businesses to incentives for people to use solar power.

Funding for the “vax packs” of vouchers would come from federal stimulus money, Stringer said.

He called on Mayor de Blasio to implement his idea — a highly unlikely scenario — but would send the packs to people already vaccinated if he enters office next year.

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