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León, Spain: To Voicer Tim Hamelburg, who claims he needs help understand­ing a proposal to penalize people for not wearing a face-covering: I am a New Yorker, born and raised, who is presently living in Spain. Here it is against the law to appear in public without a mask. If you are caught without a mask, you face heavy fines and/or imprisonme­nt. Guess what? I am witness to the fact that everyone you see here is wearing a mask. These laws may be a joke to you, but they work. Do you get it now?

Woodside: I recently wrote about my plight with no visitation at nursing home rehabilita­tion centers. Now my husband is back in the ICU! He just finished battling COVID for seven weeks only to be in need of rehabilita­tion services to get stronger and return home. I was told he was doing great. Because of no visitation, I had to go by their word. More should be done for our most sick and vulnerable New Yorkers.

Emily Rodriguez-Laveroni

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