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Bystander paralysis Photo ID


Manhattan: To Voicer Derrick Wilson: I agree with your basic premise, but what is most disgusting is that no one helped the Asian-American woman who was being assaulted. And even worse, building workers went inside and closed their doors. We have to look out for each other — look up the horrible case of Kitty Genovese in 1964 to see what happens when we ignore a plea for help. And people: Actually help a victim instead of whipping out your cell phones to take a video! Lynne Henderson

Staten Island: Voicer Alana Morales’s letter is exactly the kind of snowflake problem facing our country. Who in God’s name’s picture are they supposed to put in the article other than the victim or the alleged perpetrato­r? A picture of Buzz Lightyear or Donald Trump? Stick figures? A photo of a puppy? The race of the people whose alleged crimes are reported in the paper is the race of the alleged perpetrato­r. That should not be changed to remain politicall­y correct. Is the paper supposed to resort to fake news and put a generic stock photo of a male? As a male, I would find that sexist.

Al Lebrio

Mucked-up morals

Brooklyn: Matt Gaetz, how does it feel to meet Ms. Karma?

June Lowe

Daniel Colón

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