New York Daily News

Ask them what they were defending

- Bob Pascarella

BPerhaps Ray Monsour Scurfield, who wrote “Why did vets join the insurrecti­on?” (op-ed, March 30), would consider other reasons that veterans attended the Jan. 6 protest at the Capitol aside from white supremacy and conservati­ve activist groups preaching falsehoods. These Americans return home to find the country they love, fought and sacrificed for diminished and disappeari­ng before their eyes. Traditiona­l values and institutio­ns, religious liberty, the Judeo-Christian ethic — all threatened by Democrats, radical progressiv­e leftists, the media and corporate and Silicon Valley oligarchs. And the military they were part of, taken over by demagogues in uniform and social activists who seek to impose critical race theory, transgende­rism, diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-white propaganda.

All of this under the purview of the Pentagon and Deep State bureaucrat­s and malcontent­s, and then the election of a mentally challenged president who they perceive does not support them.

President Trump was and still is a breath of fresh air, a leader they could follow, and MAGA to them was and still is a rallying cry to take back their country from the anti-American element that must be relegated to the trash heap of history, like the current administra­tion.


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