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He has dodged justice for decades

- Judy Tigay

Bloomfield Hills, Mich.: Of course Woody Allen was not given fair treatment (“Woody Allen is getting a raw deal,” op-ed, April 3). He was given deferentia­l treatment and obsequious treatment. He was given prejudicia­l treatment for 27 years until Dylan Farrow spoke out for the second time in 2017, asking to be believed. And now he states: Dylan may believe that she was molested. And your writer Cathy Young says: poor Woody. Let me ask the author, who wants Woody Allen to be given a fair hearing, what kind of father of a young girl would be that blasé if his daughter thinks she was molested? Isn’t that horrible enough? Wouldn’t a father have some compassion for his child? He still wants to put the blame on his ex-wife, who he nearly destroyed in a narcissist­ic dump and devalue.

Even if Allen did not molest her, what kind of father who never spent the night at Mia Farrow’s house lies in bed with her daughter (obviously not sleeping, by his own admission) in his underwear? What kind of father rubs suntan oil on the bare buttocks of his child?

I wonder if the author derives pleasure from blaming the mother, who is absolutely also a victim.

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