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Puerto Varas, Chile: Re: “The serious risks of marijuana legalizati­on on young people” (op-ed, April 6): Seriously? Well then, let’s prohibit tobacco and alcohol so children don’t have access, shall we? The fact remains that pot prohibitio­n is a gross injustice and violates the Equal Protection clause to boot.

Howell, Mich.: There is a small company doing some very interestin­g work on the COVID virus. Halberd Corp., working with Arizona State University, has developed an immune booster with ingredient­s that have been proven to reduce the symptoms of the virus. They are also working on a 60-second COVID detection test, nasal spray vaccine and a virus eliminatio­n system using radio frequencie­s. We mostly hear about Big Pharma projects through the media but there are other companies with great projects and ideas out there.

Jim Haddad

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