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Suozzi’s SALT mission


In 2017, as a freshman congressma­n from Long Island (and a slice of Queens), Tom Suozzi was on the righteous but losing side of a noble fight. He voted against the terrible Trump tax change that capped deductions of state and local taxes, punishing millions of Americans by raising their liability to the IRS by tens of thousands of dollars a year. Suozzi wasn’t alone, as every Democrat in the House and the Senate opposed the SALT cap, as did some Republican­s.

Now, with Democrats in control in Washington, Suozzi is trying to undo that injustice. As he wins allies, we say: More power to him.

His SALT Deductibil­ity Act now has 106 other House co-sponsors, including some Republican­s. The measure would immediatel­y wipe away the $10,000 limit imposed by Trump, instead of waiting for the 2025 expiration. Suozzi has also formed the bipartisan SALT Caucus, with members from across the country pushing for repeal.

Most importantl­y, he pledged “No SALT, No Deal,” promising that he’ll withhold his vote on any new taxes to pay for President Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastruc­ture plan unless SALT is repealed in full.

One vote doesn’t matter, but Suozzi now has 20 House Democrats from New York and New Jersey with him, including every member from New York, save two. Since Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s narrow majority means that she can’t afford to lose more than three votes, it looks like checkmate, unless Pelosi wants to start relying on GOP support.

The big state governors are in favor, from California, New York and Illinois, as is the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which has made getting rid of this unfair cap their top federal tax policy priority.

Sen. Chuck Schumer rightly called the SALT cap “a dagger aimed at the heart of New York.” Now the majority leader, he’s the Senate sponsor of the SALT Deductibil­ity Act. It’s mighty good that the majority leader determines what bills come to the floor.

Repeal must happen. It will happen. Suozzi must not relent.

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