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Shirking responsibi­lity


Hartsdale, N.Y.: Recent articles have noted a drop-off in the number of people getting vaccinated for COVID. Three things become immediatel­y obvious: First, as is usual, the few do the work that the many should — in this case, that’s getting vaccinated. Second, there are a lot of self-absorbed people out there who don’t care to protect those around them from a disease that can kill them. And third, let’s be honest — when you hear the reasons most people give for not getting vaccinated, it shows you that some people are just plain stupid. So while those of us who have gotten vaccinated have done our citizens’ duty in protecting ourselves and others, there are plenty of others who just don’t care enough to do the right thing. Norman E. Gaines Jr.

America first?

Sherman, Conn.: Why do we not give credit to Germany for their half of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine?

Christine Gallucci


Mamaroneck, N.Y.: Two things in our country right now have me baffled: 1. Coca-Cola is an American company and yet if you want to get the better-tasting version made with real sugar and sold in real glass bottles, you have to buy it imported from Mexico, where apparently the “rapists” and “murderers” demand a higher-quality product than we will accept. 2. Donald Trump not only lost the 2020 presidenti­al election, but it is solely because of him that the Senate, the House and the presidency all flipped from Republican in 2016 to Democrat in 2020, and yet most Republican­s treat him as if he is some kind of star. Well, also: Famous Ray’s Pizza on 6th Ave. and 11th St. has been closed now for years. How?

Paul Matthews

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