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Bronx: I was happy to see the Daily News editorial, “The truth about Scott” (May 4), make a reasonable request for due process, which seems to have sadly disappeare­d. Jean Kim’s allegation­s should be reviewed completely and if Stringer is found guilty of these charges, he should be punished accordingl­y. The #MeToo movement has helped many open up about past experience­s that they never would have been brave enough to do on their own. The question I have for Kim is why she waited all this time to bring up these allegation­s, and didn’t do so when the movement began? Stringer has been city controller since 2014. She could have brought these allegation­s at any time during his tenure. While we still have time before the primary, any possible dirt that can be dredged up on anyone will start popping up in the news. Watch out, candidates — they’re coming for you next. Nancy Reilly

Manhattan: Sorry, Voicer Joseph F. Catrambone: The story of the phallus shrinks as time goes on for women. It would be creepy if Andy shagged Joe’s leg in the conference room — it’s equally creepy for Anna, Barbara, Claudia, Donna, Susan, Taneisha, etc. Please refrain.

Joanna Wilkinso

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