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Tenant nightmare Finest hour


Hampton, Ga.: My 83-year-old mom has a two-family home in Far Rockaway that was rented to two families pre-COVID. They have failed to pay rent since 2019. We went through all the legal proceeding­s to execute an eviction, then the pandemic hit. These tenants were not affected and should not have been protected by the COVID tenant protection­s — they have not paid since 2019. The marshals were slow to execute the eviction order. These folks should’ve been out in June 2020, but nothing has been done. I’ve written to the governor with no response. This is gross abuse of protection­s for tenants who truly deserve to be protected. The mortgage is due every month for an 83-year-old widow, while the tenants have a Lexus sitting in the driveway. This is clearly ridiculous. Aaron J. Arnold

Manhattan: Two of New York’s Finest, Rob Faulkner and David Pierson, assisted my wife and me for more than an hour to replace a flat tire. We were stranded in front of a gas station on the corner of 63rd Road and Queens Blvd. We were on our way to the bar mitzvah of a close friend and had to eventually return home to our children. We had simply approached them to ask whether they were aware of a location that would repair our tire. They immediatel­y got out of their car and fixed it themselves. They worked tirelessly trying to unscrew the bolts and then changed the tires. These officers were so kind to us. They were happy to help and made light of their efforts as we continued to thank them. This was a once-in-a-lifetime unforgetta­ble experience for us. All Americans should realize how fortunate we are to have such dedicated public servants. Abraham Laks

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