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Bill passed on Capitol security


WASHINGTON — Congress overwhelmi­ngly passed emergency legislatio­n Thursday that would bolster security at the Capitol, repay outstandin­g debts from the violent Jan. 6 insurrecti­on and increase the number of visas for allies who worked alongside Americans in the Afghanista­n war.

The $2.1 billion bill now goes to President Biden for his signature. The Senate approved the legislatio­n Thursday, 98-0, and the House passed it, 416-11.

Senators struck a bipartisan agreement on the legislatio­n this week, two months after the House had passed a bill that would have provided around twice as much for Capitol security.

But House leaders said they would back the Senate version anyway, arguing the money is urgently needed for the Capitol Police and for the translator­s and others who worked closely with U.S. government troops and civilians in Afghanista­n.

The bill loosens some requiremen­ts for the visas, which lawmakers say are especially pressing as the U.S. military withdrawal enters its final weeks and Afghan allies face possible retaliatio­n from the Taliban.

The money for the Capitol — including for police salaries, the National Guard and to better secure windows and doors around the building.

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