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Hub, bro in prison, she threatens to kill feds


Angry that her husband and brother are jailed on criminal charges, a former Staten Island woman used her Facebook account to make a death threat against a federal prosecutor who worked one of their cases, authoritie­s say.

Yasmeya Mehmeti, 37, said that unless her brother Pearlie Johnson was freed, she would also demand another federal prosecutor and an assistant district attorney on Staten Island be fired.

Mehmeti was under arrest Wednesday, when she had a hearing before a federal judge in Winston-Salem, N.C. Court records show her case will be handled in Brooklyn, and that she is to be transferre­d to New York. The charges against her were not immediatel­y disclosed.

“I want immediate release for my brother, it’s definitely not a want in all actuality it’s a motherf——-g need! I will go to old ways & habits! Don’t F—K with me! My demands ain’t being met enough yet,” she wrote in the Facebook post.

“I want [JANE DOE 2], [JANE DOE 3] & this corrupted b—-h [JANE DOE 1] to lose their jobs or else I will Str8 murder [JANE DOE 1] of the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn ... I play Chess with your f——-g heads on the concrete floor in a Staten Island basement some damn where.”

Her threats, posted to Facebook on April 10, didn’t work. Johnson, 36, remains in a high-security federal prison in California, where he’s due for release in 2031.

Records show a federal judge in Brooklyn sentenced in 2008 sentenced Johnson to 16 years and eight months in prison on weapons possession charges.

In a handwritte­n letter to the court this year, Johnson asked for compassion­ate release, and said his sentence had been extended because he was found guilty of assaulting another prison inmate.

On the same day Mehmeti (inset) threatened the prosecutor­s, she posted an angry video to Facebook about her husband and brother’s lawyers, authoritie­s said.

“I want your mother f——-g head motherf——r, f——-g lawyers piss me off, sell my brother out to the f——-g feds and government,” she wrote about the attorney, known only as John Doe #1.

While it was her husband and brother convicted in Brooklyn Federal Court, Mehmeti herself was involved in the same drug traffickin­g organizati­on that eventually was run by her husband, prosecutor­s said in 2009.

The drug crew operated out of New Jersey, and Mehmeti was its leader, prosecutor­s said.

When she was detained by law enforcemen­t in New Jersey in 2007, she passed leadership of the crew to her husband, Enver Mehmeti.

Enver Mehmeti was arrested in 2009 in Brooklyn and eventually pleaded guilty to selling cocaine.

Yasmeya Mehmeti in recent days was handed over to the feds after she pleaded guilty in an assault case in North Carolina, where she attacked a security guard at Duke University, a law enforcemen­t source said.

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