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Adams aims to cut red tape, ax many fines for small biz


The city is trying to make life a little easier for small businesses that have been struggling during the pandemic.

Starting at the end of the year, small businesses won’t face 30 kinds of fines, Mayor Adams announced Sunday. Penalties for numerous other violations will be reduced as well.

“For too long, we stifled the entreprene­urial spirit in New York City,” Adams said at a Midtown press conference.

“No one wanted to do business here,” he claimed. “No one wanted to go through the bureaucrac­y. No one wanted to be humiliated just day by day.”

Adams’ reform targets some of the more arcane aspects of city law.

The 30 violations to be canned include one for “failure to conspicuou­sly post electrical work permit while work is in progress” and one for “failure to maintain required bins for disposal of compostabl­e straws in restaurant­s.”

For 49 other violations, fines will be reduced. Those include “violations of time/ temperatur­e control for preparing foods safely” and “violations for picture tubes (older TVs with cathode ray tubes) sold or offered for sale without proper label.”

For still other violations, the city will administer warnings for first-time offenses or allow for “cure periods” instead of slap on fines.

The changes are set to take effect Dec. 31. Calling the old enforcemen­t regimen “taxation through citation,” Adams said, “that is not how we’re going to run this city.”

Asked about rent stabilizat­ion for small businesses — a long-stalled priority of some City Council members — Adams was noncommitt­al.

“The devil is in the details … When we start making these decisions, we need to factor in the little guy,” he said, referring to small landlords.

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