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Street vendors — Gonna be a new sheriff in town


The New York City Sanitation Department is poised to take control over the city’s efforts to enforce rules against illegal street vendors — part of an effort by Mayor Adams to get a better hold on the issue.

Street vending regulation­s are currently enforced by the city’s Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, but that will end April 1, when the DSNY takes over in that role.

“Street vendors are a vital part of New York City’s economic and cultural landscape, but unregulate­d street vending is a quality-of-life concern that affects the health, safety, accessibil­ity, prosperity and cleanlines­s of our streets, sidewalks and neighborho­ods,” Adams said in a written statement to the Daily News.

“With DSNY becoming responsibl­e for enforcing regulation­s around street vending, New Yorkers will enjoy improved quality of life, more accessible and cleaner streets and a more welcoming city.”

The city’s worker protection agency will still issue vendor licenses, and the Health Department will continue to be responsibl­e for permits and mobile food vendor inspection­s.

Enforcemen­t of street vending became a flashpoint of controvers­y during former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administra­tion after the NYPD, which was responsibl­e for enforcemen­t at the time, arrested a woman selling churros in a Brooklyn subway station in 2019.

A year later, de Blasio shifted that responsibi­lity away from the police department, a move that won praise from vendor advocates.

But enforcemen­t of vending remains a delicate issue. Last week, Councilwom­an Sandra Ung (D-Queens) called on the Adams’ administra­tion to crack down on vendors after complaints from storefront businesses that compete with the vendors, which have the advantage of not having to pay rent to do business.

“Everywhere I go, community leaders, elected officials and residents talk to me about unlicensed street vending,” DSNY Commission­er Jessica Tisch said to The News. “This is a problem the men and women of Sanitation are ready to get to work solving.”

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 ?? ?? Top: Vendors call for more licenses. Above: Cops bust unlicensed vendor in the subway.
Top: Vendors call for more licenses. Above: Cops bust unlicensed vendor in the subway.

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