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Chosen ignorance


Manhattan: I regularly read the Voice of the People but have never felt the need to respond until reading Voicer Donald Ziminski’s letter. “All these people and media sources” are not going after Tucker Carlson because he showed previously un-shown “peaceful” footage. He showed it to the exclusion of footage that shows violence and the assault on police and the institutio­n of Congress. Nothing is more illustrati­ve of the damage done by Carlson and other Trump acolytes than this man’s heartfelt, righteous indignatio­n at this paper and others who report the news but do not create it from whole cloth. His faith in Carlson and Trump come in the face of an incredible amount of evidence that Carlson ignores the truth to keep his viewers riveted to whatever tripe he may be spewing while Trump nears indictment in multiple jurisdicti­ons for crimes perpetrate­d in business and on the American people. Marc Bernstein finally offering unvarnishe­d, hard-hitting criticism of Donald Trump for his role in the riot that savaged the Capitol, causing deaths, injuries and destructio­n. Pence stated at the annual Gridiron Dinner in D.C. last weekend, “President Trump was wrong ... His reckless words endangered my family and everyone at the Capitol that day, and I know that history will hold Donald Trump accountabl­e.” Imagine how Trump will now try to savage his former ever-loyal and adoring running mate for daring to challenge “The Chosen One” and stating the truth. We could see the two of them on a debate stage together, something which would be great political theater. Thank you, Mr. Pence, for puncturing the president who did the greatest harm possible to our country through his efforts to overthrow a legitimate­ly elected government.

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