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Yes, people want Trump to go down. They should.


Ossining, N.Y.: Once again, worshipers of the former president either dismiss his crimes as nothing more than political attacks or spread fact-free accusation­s about the current president. Voicer Bob Pascarella, never missing a chance to worship at the altar, claims Donald Trump’s many legal problems and possible indictment­s are nothing more than folks wanting to get Trump. That is true, but not only for political reasons. Trump and his family have been shown to be repeat offenders of financial crimes, cheating people who attended a phony university, committing massive tax fraud, stealing from charities and stiffing vendors and investors. And lest Pascarella forgets, his master attempted a coup.

Voicer Joan Cocurullo tries the whatabouti­sm route to say members of President Biden’s family, years ago as private citizens, received payments from a Chinese company they apparently did business with — like millions of other Americans do — with no evidence of anything untoward or that Biden personally benefited.

Both Pascarella and Cocurullo dismiss Trump’s attempt to cover up his moral failings of having affairs while his wife was pregnant and to aid his campaign with hush money — the least of his crimes. He actively tried to overthrow an election. He demanded that states throw out votes and “find” him the votes he needed. His company was convicted of tax fraud. And if Cocurullo is so concerned about payments from China, perhaps she should be concerned with the millions of dollars Trump and his companies were paid by China while he was in office, not to mention the favors tendered and millions of dollars spent at Trump properties in a well-known practice of buying influence by lining Trump’s pockets.

Robert Rundbaken

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