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When Good Shows Go Bad

Fargo’s lat­est sea­son is drown­ing in ob­vi­ous­ness.

- Five episodes into Entertainment · Kansas · Chris Rock · Jack Huston · FX · Noah Hawley

the fourth sea­son of Fargo, about a gang war be­tween Blacks and Ital­ians in 1950 Kansas City, there comes a mo­ment that sums up the show’s worst ten­den­cies. In a dingy ware­house, Black gang boss Loy Can­non (Chris Rock) re­gales cor­rupt white cop Odis Weff (Jack Hus­ton) with a story about a World War II in­fantry minesweepe­r who missed a mine and got an of­fi­cer killed. “Boom!” Loy hollers. “They gotta send him home in a tureen!” Then Loy glances over his shoul­der at his as­sem­bled hench­men and ex­plains, “It’s a pot they put soup in.”

How does such a cringe­wor­thy mo­ment make it to air? Did an FX Net­work ex­ec­u­tive, Chris Rock, or Noah Haw­ley—Fargo’s showrun­ner as well as lead writer and di­rec­tor—worry that some­body might stop watch­ing be­cause of an un­fa­mil­iar word?

Or was this a “char­ac­ter note,” based on the as­sump­tion that

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