And Some Things You’ll Need to Care for Them

Ac­cord­ing to snail own­ers.

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Pep­per Apollo, who has owned thou­sands of snails, says she uses glass aquar­i­ums ( from $13 at A good rule of thumb, she says, is that a gar­den snail needs “one gal­lon per one adult snail. Smaller species can get away with less.”

Tank Ac­ces­sories

Lind­sey Cor­mack rec­om­mends putting co­conut fiber ($8 at on the bot­tom of the tank—it ab­sorbs and breaks down waste. “On top of the sub­strate, put down some sphag­num moss ($7 at ama­zon .com)—they like to nib­ble on it.”


Baby and adult snails alike need cal­cium to en­sure their shells grow large and strong. Sev­eral of the own­ers we spoke to rec­om­mended putting a cut­tle­bone ($3 at pets­mart .com) in the tank so the snail can ab­sorb its min­er­als.

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