New York Magazine : 2020-10-12

TO DO : 101 : 99


World’s Finest Eye Cream a “selections” product in Oprah magazine AIRBRUSH Eye Refining Treatment Airbrush Eye Cream reduces puffiness right away, Promotes new collagen which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Reduces dark circles, is soothing, hydrating and promotes a youthful healthy glow! especially when cold. $ Reg 68 Hypo-allergenic and natural containing emu oil serum, green tea extract, aloe vera, collagen and elastin. Now only $54.40 Compare to: La Mer Eye Balm @ $200 Shiseido Solution LX @ $130 La Prairie Swiss @ $240 Use am & pm for best results and the jar will last about 3 months! Use 20% discount code: at APPLE54 or call 800-542-0026 and get free shipping. Open 7 Days advertisin­ 99 october 12–25, 2020 | new york

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