New York Magazine : 2020-10-12

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ADVERTISEM­ENT What a 187-Square-Foot Home Taught Us About Sustainabi­lity LIVING WITH LESS IKEA Tiny Home Meet the — stylish, small, and bursting with eco-friendly solutions. PHOTOGRAPH­Y BY JOSIAH & STEPH PHOTOGRAPH­Y M ost city-dwellers know a little Spoiler alert: We did it! Read on for how we brought something about tiny home living. the IKEA Tiny Home to life, and how its low-impact But to the innovators of the Tiny living solutions can inspire you. Home movement, your one-bedroom How we did it: with a galley kitchen feels downright Across the world, people are choosing palatial. “At IKEA, we believe sustainabl­e living is good for smaller spaces — to simplify their lives, reduce their our planet and good for our people, so it should carbon footprint, or take the road less traveled. be accessible for everyone.” — Abbey Stark, Senior Along the way, they’re proving that tiny homes can Interior Design Leader at IKEA US. be the ultimate solution for sustainabl­e, affordable living. Leading with the values of sustainabi­lity and affordabil­ity, we started with a flatbed trailer: a lowcost That’s why, inspired by our shared commitment to foundation that can attach to a bio-diesel truck sustainabi­lity, inclusivit­y, and innovation, IKEA and when it’s on the road. Then, the IKEA design team Vox Creative teamed up to completely reimagine drew up blueprints with separate areas for sleeping, home design. The challenge? Create a space that’s living, cooking and dining, and of course, a full bath. stylish, sustainabl­e, and affordable — and that fits in All within a footprint just 24 feet long, 7 feet wide. a space smaller than a one-car garage.

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