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Must-haves for new parents

And other items parents wish they’d put on their baby registries.


➸ UNLIKE A WEDDING REGISTRY, which you can create according to needs and style preference­s that are all your own, baby registries involve guesswork—who knows what babies will want until after they come into the world? It’s only when they arrive, and when their parents are fueled by desperatio­n born of sleep deprivatio­n, that the most meaningful purchases tend to happen: a vibrating mattress pad you can overnight to your Airbnb when it turns out your child hates the travel crib; a giraffe teether (seen here) that is cheaper, and easier to transport, than the more statusy Sophie. To surface these more unexpected products, we reached out to a series of newish parents with great taste and asked them all the same question: If you could do your registry over again, which items would top the list?

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