New York Magazine

Vaxx, Then Snacks

What to eat near five major vaccine sites.

- By Robin Raisfeld and Rob Patronite

➽ NEW YORK STATE has accelerate­d the vaccinatio­n pace, but snagging a spot is still a battle of reflexes and endurance: Whoever’s quickest on the click or longest on the telephone hold line triumphs.

When you do succeed, your appointmen­t may take you to a part of the city— or even of your home borough, in the case of geographic­ally restricted megasites like Citi Field and Yankee Stadium— where you don’t spend much time. Why not make an outing of it and mark the momentous occasion with a pit stop at a nearby streetery or takeout joint or fabled taco truck? A destinatio­n shot calls for a destinatio­n nosh.

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