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➽ ETHIOPIAN RESTAURANT­S abound in Harlem, but Benyam benefits by proximity:

Any Bronxite feeling energized post-shot can leg it over the Harlem River–spanning Macombs Dam Bridge. Grab a sidewalk seat or take your vibrantly seasoned veggie sampler to go, folded up in a spongy swath of the flatbread injera— a portable work of edible origami.

Native Noodles 2129 AMSTERDAM AVE.

➽ AMY PRYKE DEBUTED HER fast-casual Singaporea­n menu at Queens Night Market and opened shop close enough to the stadium’s Concourse home to merit a cross-river drive. The liberties she takes with her homeland’s specialtie­s—rendering laksa less soupy, translatin­g chile crab into a crustacean dip— prime them for takeout and delivery.

188 Bakery Cuchifrito­s 158 E. 188TH ST., THE BRONX

➽ Since 1982, this bustling Latin lunch counter has been sizzling pig parts in hot fat with great panache. But there is more to eat here than that, including a slew of fritters and the house-special mofongo: a garlic-infused mash of fried plantains and chicharron­es molded into a ball the size of a pomelo. Puerto Rican soul food at its finest.

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