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- By Stella Zawistowsk­i


1 Flirtatiou­sly shy 4 Fish or guitar, depending on how you pronounce it 8 Starbucks-owned tea brand

9 Official decree 11 Twin brother in the Book of Genesis

12 Knob on a radio 13 “Girls5eva” role played by Sara Bareilles

15 Herb burned in a cleansing ritual 16 Headed for overtime

17 “___ Men” (Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce show)

19 “Girls5eva” role played by Renée

Elise Goldsberry 25 Piece of equipment for Mike Trout 26 Wedding-gown label known for minimalist looks 27 “Tambourine” rapper

28 2013 book subtitled “Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”

29 Setting for a dance in “West Side Story”

30 Virtually endorses


1 Houses in Honduras 2 Longtime former Boston Symphony Orchestra conductor Seiji 3 “Bust a Move” rapper

4 Texas gubernator­ial candidate O’Rourke

5 One who’s of age 6 Setting in

“The Ten Commandmen­ts” 7 “This Ain’t a ___, It’s an Arms Race” (Fall Out Boy song)

8 Lasso on the pitch?

10 Stepped (on) 14 Veggie that was once pickled for long voyages 18 Skinny money 19 Like type-2B hair 20 Bennifer againnifer, e.g. 21 Morales of “Titans”

22 Called up, Brit style

23 Lena of “Alias” 24 Strong desires 25 Ask for people food

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