New York Magazine


- By Malaika Handa


1 Irish gal

5 Sums

7 Star of the new “Firestarte­r” remake

9 It might be raised at a tea party 10 Graphic in the opening credits of “Game of Thrones” 12 Feat that looks easy when Simone Biles does it 13 Low-carb diet 14 Show off a new outfit, say

15 Capital of Afghanista­n 16 Perfect score for a gymnast 17 University of

Florida students 18 Viral TikTok dance created by Jalaiah Harmon

20 You’re allowed to share yours, legally 21 Sicilian volcano


1 Sleepover at school or church 2 Face-planted 3 MacGuffin in a heist movie, maybe

4 Type of camera (abbr.)

5 Proof of a beach vacation

6 Opening word of “All Star” 7 Beer-pong rerack that staggers the cups

8 Person vs. ___ (one of four classic conflicts)

9 “Hey! Over here!” 11 Ones sending constant fundraisin­g emails (abbr.) 13 Water-bending member of “the Gaang”

15 Supreme Court justice appointed by Obama 17 Chocolate coins given during Hanukkah 19 “Watch Me (Whip/___ ___)” (2015 viral hit, when repeated)

 ?? ??

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