New York Magazine


- By Stella Zawistowsk­i


1 UOPX degree held

by Shaq 4 Embarrassm­ent

for an editor 8 Team for which

Shaq once played 9 Dooku or Dracula 11 “___ From Muskogee” (Merle Haggard song) 12 Starsky’s partner 13 With 25-Across, author of the new collection “Translatin­g Myself and


15 Concert souvenir, often

16 Tree that produces edible fat

18 Where to see the Magic 22 “Conjunctio­n

Junction” word 25 See 13-Across 26 Extension often worn by Beyoncé 28 Similar (to) 29 Savory skewered dish

30 Veggie that’s a symbol of Wales 31 Nick and Fetcher in “Chicken Run” 32 CIA predecesso­r


1 Phifer of “ER” 2 Olympic skating champion Oksana 3 Musical direction to return to the original speed

4 Big role for Chadwick Boseman

5 Lifetime turned Netflix series starring Penn Badgley

6 “PGA Tour 2K21” action

7 “For ___ in My Life” (Stevie Wonder classic) 8 Old orange-roofed restaurant, for short

10 Word ignored when alphabetiz­ing

14 Negotiatio­n discussion­s 17 Hawaiian expression of gratitude

19 LeBron 19 kicks, e.g.

20 Fashion designer ___ van Noten 21 Sound from a sty 22 Popular cloud choice, for short 23 “Be ___ Me” (1985 ABC hit)

24 “Star Trek” character from Omicron Theta 27 Vessel for dyeing or winemaking

 ?? ??

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