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After the crudité video went viral, Oz’s campaign turned ugl y.


Pennsylvan­ia, like other states, has seen a surge of women registerin­g to vote: Over the summer, 56 percent of new voters have been women, compared with 44 percent men, a gender gap reportedly three times its typical size.

Fetterman has been good on abortion since before the Supreme Court struck down Roe. Back in 2016, he said the thing you’re not supposed to say out loud—that he would impose litmus tests on judicial nominees over whether they support abortion rights. He supports ending the filibuster, in part so the Senate might codify Roe. Since his return to the trail, he has offered a contrast to the hand-rubbing glee with which some Democrats have met the prospect of a post-Dobbs, pro-choice voting surge. Asked by MSNBC’s Alex Wagner if he saw Dobbs as “a gift to Democrats,” he replied, “I don’t consider it as a gift. It’s actually a very dangerous kind of law.”

At the Montgomery County rally, which was crowded with women wearing shirts reading roe-vember, elect women, and

i’m with gisele’s husband, a 35-yearold supporter named Amanda addressed this dynamic bluntly: “Unfortunat­ely, it’s what we learned from Hillary Clinton.” In a follow-up email, she clarified that “our to Pennsylvan­ia’s Lehigh Valley after the passage of an anti-abortion trigger law in Tennessee. “I’m not saying that was the reason we moved,” she said. “But it certainly is a contributi­ng factor; my vote didn’t count for anything in Tennessee.” Now, they had contribute­d to Fetterman’s campaign and were planning to put up a lawn sign.

IN THE FINAL WEEKS of the race, Oz is playing both sides of the crime issue. While Republican­s are running soft-on-crime attack ads in certain parts of the state, in the Philadelph­ia market, where Black voters are a crucial part of any Pennsylvan­ia Democrat’s path to victory, other spots highlight the notorious incident in 2013 in which Fetterman brandished a gun at an unarmed Black jogger, for which he was hit hard in the Democratic primary. (Fetterman has maintained that he did not know the race of the jogger and that he chased him after hearing gunshots, though the jogger claims the sound was made by bottle rockets.) Oz’s team has also kept up its mocking posture on his opponent’s health. After Fetterman committed to a debate, Oz spokesman Keller said to Politico, “Is it possible to quote

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