New York Magazine


- By Stella Zawistowsk­i


1 Collectibl­e circle of the ’90s

4 Expressed admiration, in a way

9 ___ M. Martin (“The Baby-Sitters Club” creator)

10 With “The,” TV show set in 16thcentur­y England

11 Agency founded during LBJ’s presidency

12 Leaning for emphasis

13 14-Down’s new album

15 Aughts series created by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

16 Alternate spelling (abbr.)

17 Super-simple rhyme scheme

20 Drag queen who does RuPaul’s makeup

23 Quickly look over

24 Actress directed by her husband in “A Quiet Place”

26 The Flintstone­s’ family pet

27 Tarana who founded the Me Too movement

28 Tia, to Tamera

29 Like much “Beavis and Butt-Head” humor


1 Po, for one

2 April ___ (reporter friend of the Ninja Turtles)

3 Bump on a log

4 Truffaut or Godard, say

5 “Nixon in China” composer with a presidenti­al name

6 Anders of “Workaholic­s”

7 Pennsylvan­ia port

8 U.S. Army award

10 Name associated with robin’s egg boxes

14 “Habits (Stay High)” singer

17 RDX- and MDX-maker

18 “Mary Poppins” family name

19 Adds to the pot, in a way

20 Great American Ball Park team

21 “Knock on Wood” singer Stewart

22 Cabernets et Grenaches

23 Musical connector

25 “I May Destroy You” channel

 ?? ??

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