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- By Stella Zawistowsk­i


1 Exactly right, in textspeak

5 Flea’s instrument

9 Tony Soprano’s manipulati­ve mom

10 Hitchcock film with a tense dinner party

11 2007 album by Alicia Keys

12 Beth’s portrayer in “The Queen’s Gambit”

13 Feature in some Banksy murals

15 “Weekend ___” (“SNL” feature that precedes the weirder sketches)

19 With 4-Down, new Broadway adaptation with book and lyrics by Cameron Crowe

23 Vessel in 2014’s “Noah”

24 Fashion line?

25 Host at a roast

27 Accolade for an Off–Off Broadway star, perhaps

28 Views as

29 “Haiti,” “Mozambique,” or “Panama”

30 Koholint in “Link’s Awakening,” for one

31 Funder of many PBS programs

32 Org. with Stars and Lightning


1 City with a tilting campanile

2 Like Maleficent and Jafar

3 Currency in Iran

4 See 19-Across

5 Subject of spon-con

6 ___ Center (Chicago skyscraper)

7 Eve Polastri, for one

8 Unfathomab­le amount

9 Site for a fight in “Ant-Man”

14 Signed up for the “Grub Street” newsletter, perhaps

16 Remote power source

17 HBO series named for a Nola neighborho­od

18 ___ out (obtains with great effort)

19 Brit fashion website

20 Singer heard on “Ordinary World”

21 Stephen King’s home state

22 Watch brand repped by Nicole Kidman

26 Material for Wes Hightower’s shirt in “Urban Cowboy”

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