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For a Signature Nail

- JACQUELINE PHAM AT DJ NAILS NYC, 34-59 Junction Blvd., North Corona;

nail artist Jacqueline Pham’s designs (from $150, plus from $50 for designs) range from neon French tips to butterfly graphics, swirly line art, and even holidaythe­med spiderwebs and gingerbrea­dcookie paint jobs. So when actress Serena Kerrigan decided in 2020 that she wanted a signature nail design— something that would pop oncamera when she was creating Instagram Live content—she took her request to Pham. The two of them created what’s become Kerrigan’s trademark set: a mix of red heartshape­d tips painted on stiletto acrylic nails, which Kerrigan says she’s gotten at least 20 times. (She’s even spotted someone replicatin­g the design while dressing up as her for Halloween.) The hearts are Kerrigan’s favorite design, but “I still appreciate that Jacqueline pushes me to try new designs outside of my usual routine,” she says. For the release of Kerrigan’s Let’s Fucking Date card game, for instance, Pham designed a custom set that spelled out the game’s name. She included paint and gems on the underside of the nails, Kerrigan says, because “she knows that people are going to see underneath my nails when

I’m showing products.”

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