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- By Stella Zawistowsk­i


1 Org. with tearjerkin­g ads starring Sarah McLachlan 6 Johnson’s co-star in “Central Intelligen­ce”

10 Black garment for a member of the Night’s Watch 11 Shea butter has

many of them 12 “Salaam Bombay!”

language 13 “Return of the ___” (Mark Morrison hit) 14 AC/DC song with

a lot of oi-oi-oi-ing 15 “Old MacDonald

Had a Farm” noise 17 With 5-Down, Broadway show with Victoria Clark in the title role 21 Serling of “The Twilight Zone” 22 Bladed item at the Olympics 24 Perpetual 10-yearold of TV

27 Salmon roe at a Japanese restaurant

29 Potato at an

Indian restaurant 30 The brains of the “Inspector Gadget” operation, often 31 Cheerwine, for one 32 Boots once repped by Chrissy Teigen 33 Starter capital, metaphoric­ally 34 Chicago-to-Miami dir.


1 Sechs + zwei

2 “Toy Story” dog’s nickname 3 Carlo who married Sophia Loren 4 Lowlife

5 See 17-Across 6 Dorothy Parker’s specialty 7 Butterfiel­d of “Hugo”

8 ___ room 9 Disapprovi­ng noise

16 Solver of the Sphinx’s riddle 18 Amphibian namesake of a classic Disneyland ride 19 The Bamboo in “GoodFellas,” for one

20 Knitter’s purchases

23 Jamie Foxx film that lost the Best Picture Oscar to “Million Dollar Baby”

24 Voice part for Wotan in the “Ring” cycle 25 Ingredient in some boba teas 26 Took a horse, bike, or car 28 Frat-party must-haves

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