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Chuck can’t see why glasses are so expensive


Sen. Charles Schumer, seeing red over the high cost of eyeglasses, demanded Sunday that federal authoritie­s make it easier for consumers to shop for better deals.

The bespectacl­ed Democrat (left) wants the Federal Trade Commission to require optometris­ts to issue easytocarr­y, full prescripti­on data so patients can test the market — even online.

“The average price of a new pair is $300, and it keeps going up,” Schumer said outside a Midtown Lenscrafte­rs store.

“When an iPad costs less than a pair of glasses, something’s wrong.”

The high price of glasses is a complicate­d issue, according to a tradegroup rep who said online sales are problemati­c.

“Buying [glasses] online is very risky,” said Andrea Thau, presidente­lect of the American Optometris­ts Associatio­n. “Prescripti­on frames from China are often filled incorrectl­y, and about a quarter of the children’s glasses aren’t shatter resistant. American standards for glasses are very high. If you go overseas, let the buyer beware.”

Increasing competitio­n is the only fix, Schumer said.

“The eyeglasses market is broken, and consumers bear the cost of that,” he said.

“If you want to get your lenses from somewhere else than where you got your prescripti­on, that shouldn’t be made difficult.”

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