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Ben Carson’s Views of Islam


Although Ben Carson could have expressed himself better, he raised a valid point (“Carson blasts Islam,” Sept. 21).

Many Muslims worldwide support the stoning of gays and adulterers, the suppressio­n of women’s rights, beheadings and advocating jihad.

As such, that system of beliefs clearly runs counter to the Constituti­on.

How could a Muslim take the oath of office to support a constituti­on that clearly runs contrary to the beliefs that are the foundation of Islam? John Ost


completely disagree with Carson. Islamic values align beautifull­y with American values. Freedom of speech, racial and sexual equality, freedom of religion and many other concepts are explicitly exhibited by the Koran, the life and sayings of the prophet Mohammad or both.

Islam calls for the peo ple to choose the most just ruler. Islam teaches to only wage defensive wars or help those who are oppressed. Islam calls for the spread of wealth and charity; to help the poor and to spend your life serving humanity. Islam calls for tolerance for all groups of people.

Most important, Islam calls for peace at every circumstan­ce of life.

Labeeb Ahmad North Canton, Ohio

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