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Hunters kill zoo moose

- Daniel Prendergas­t

Hunters in Norway stalked and killed two moose before realizing that the animals were actually inside a zoo, officials said.

The hunters told authoritie­s they blasted through a fence at the Polar Park Zoo near the country’s northern town of Narvik, only to learn that they had just killed captive animals, according to Norwegian Web site The Local.

The men quickly called the zoo to confess their mistake, telling workers there that their hunting dogs had somehow gotten inside the enclosure and began chasing the moose, prompting them to take aim.

“I reacted with disbelief, and the first few seconds afterwards were pretty unreal,” Polar Park executive director Heinz Strathmann told the site.

“I think this is very sad, and it’s not OK,” he said. “We had five [moose], now we have only three.”

The Polar Park Zoo covers an area of about 350 square miles and includes several enclosures where animals are kept in their natural habitats.

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