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Bernie doesn’t add up


He can’t pay for all of this with his good looks alone.

Bernie Sanders, whom I declared the winner of last week’s debate of contenders for the 2016 Democratic presidenti­al nomination, wants to bestow a bundle of goodies on poor and middleclas­s Americans if he’s elected president: free health care and free tuition to public colleges and universiti­es. Several readers emailed me saying that this would be crushingly expensive to taxpayers. The Wall Street Journal estimated that Bernie’s bounty would cost $18 trillion! fa

Rubbish, said Bernie. He’s vowed to fleece rich folks and large corporatio­ns with higher taxes, while the average American would be off the hook. But Bernie has yet to determine the income level at which he considers one a member of the 1 percent. I suspect that once the bills came due, he’d dig deeply into the taxpayer pool.

Beware of democratic socialists who crave playing Robin Hood with our money.

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