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Another O-fer for Duda


Maybe Lucas Duda should borrow one of Daniel Murphy’s bats when the Mets get to Wrigley Field.

While Murphy provides some unforeseen power from the left side, Duda has been virtually invisible. And that didn’t change in the Mets 41 win over the Cubs on Sunday night in Game 2 of the NLCS at Citi Field.

Duda went 0for3 with two more strikeouts, but the Mets survived thanks to some more excellent pitching and another homer by Murphy, as well as some help from Curtis Granderson and David Wright.

But Duda was supposed to be in the middle of the lineup, along with Yoenis Cespedes, adding to the mix. It hasn’t happened. And to hear Duda talk about it, he’s not especially bothered by the situation because the Mets are taking a 20 lead with them to Chicago.

“As long as we’re winning, that’s the main goal here,” Duda said. “It’s all about winning at this point in the season.”

And that’s what the Mets have done lately, with little to no help from first base. Michael Cuddyer started in place of Duda against the lefthanded Jon Lester in Game 1 and had a single, but Duda returned to face the righthande­d Jake Arrieta Sunday night.

With righty Kyle Hendricks scheduled to start for the Cubs in Game 3 on Tuesday in Chicago, Duda figures to be in there again.

“Whatever happens, I’m fine with, as long as the team results stay the same,” Duda said “I’d happily go 0forwhatev­er with however many punchouts I might have, as long as we win. As long as the results are the way they are, everything’s good.”

That’s fine when the Mets are winning, but as unlikely as Murphy’s power surge has been, it’s just as unlikely that it will continue all the way through a potential World Series.

At some point, Duda will need to break out of the slump. So far this postseason, he has just two hits and 13 strikeouts.

“I know what all the questions are, but if we keep moving on, I’m not worried about the answers,” Duda said.

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