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My wild island excursion

- Cindy Adams

FISHER ISLAND, Fla. — A ride to an NY airport, a plane to Miami, a drive to a dock, a ferry ride and — what one travel magazine recently called — the world’s toprated resort attraction. Nice little place. $250,000, give or take a few bucks, lets you into its exclusivit­y, which then allows you to be a steady guest or buy permanent or seasonal living quarters (the priciest hovers around an NYC coop), which then assesses you another inch of Cnotes per year, which then permits you to consume its food or whatever.

There are 34 condo buildings, eight houses and even without the roomservic­e waiters in shorts, it’s earthly heaven. Wandering freely in and out are exquisite creatures, and we are not talking of those types Democratic presidenti­alee Bernie Socialist calls the 1 Percent.

We’re talking fabulous wildlife. The kind that’s apart from those beauts

Nicki Minaj calls pals. Not possums. Not meerkats. We’re talking peacocks. Flamingos. Parrots. Rare birds. Rabbits. Families of ducks. Guinea hens. Tanned CEOs navigate around these gloriglori­ous protected creatures,s, who strut about the manicuredi­cured lawns. Shove paying guests, these have the right of way.way.

Directly outside myy cottage door, right on my step’sep’s welwelcome mat, stood six peacocksac­ocks clustered together. Staringtar­ing at me through my windowndow while feasting on flowerswer­s and grass on whateverve­r constitute­s their lunchnchti­me break. They didn’tidn’t move. Cars whizzeded past, people ran by. I stood frozen watchingg them.

Another note: A falconer is employed to keep pesky nonpayingg seabirds from checkingng in.

Plenty of water

THE island’s neighbors also include friendly manatees and a little bit away notsofrien­dly nurse sharks. It has two private marinas with 118 slips. I mean, minus your own boat here, you’re considered povertystr­icken. Super spa. Beauty salon. Unspoiled Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay beaches. Three outdoor popools. Golf course. And if you’re scschleppi­ng in on your own helichelic­opter, they can handledle that totoo.

NeedsNeed are met

WANT a church service? They got it. A doctor? Cur rently being built is a medical facility. There’s its own fire department. An observator­y. A bank. Post office with its own ZIP code.

Fisher Island is six indoor/outdoor restaurant­s plus a deli. Itching to throw together your own tuna on rye, they got a market. And if you’re hot for the mainland, there’s the ferry back to restaurant Cipriani, which, as always, shows up in more places than Hillary. Fisher Island guarantees ultra privacy with its own gatekeeper, ferry and 600 uniformed security officers.

Courts are held

TENNIS courts? Please. Venus

Williams swatted a few practice sets here before Wimbledon. There are 18 courts — grass, hard and clay. CEO Bernard Lackner, formerly GM of New York’s Hotel Plaza Athénée, might plan a 19th — just for people who can’t play.

There are banquet facilities, 216 acres of lush landscapin­g, tropical flowers, movie theaters, shopping, hundredyea­rold trees, fountains, lakes, fish ponds. Dogs are not only welcomed, but given their own dog run.

Food for thought

GOT children? There’s a kiddie playground and a kiddie school. Major sports names are found hanging around. Want a lecture? They just had Alan Dershowitz. For people like me to whom the phrase “Go take a walk” was only used for cheapo boyfriends, there’s your own golf cart to get around. Best of all, the whole place is smokefree. And the grocery has a stack of Lordbeprai­sed New York Posts daily.

IT’S beautiful here. But I’m now flying back to my gritty, noisy, busy, chilly home. I love it. Hey . . . we all have our priorities. Because I live ... only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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