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Revis ready for rival Pats after making key play in ‘W’

- Steve Serby

T HERE was an Eric Decker fumble that led to Pierre Garçon beating Darrelle Revis on a slant, followed by a strip of Brandon Marshall that led to a field goal, followed by a Ryan Fitzpatric­k intercepti­on that led to another field goal two seconds before the half.

This wasn’t Tom Brady in Foxborough beating the Jets 1310. This was Kirk Cousins and the Redskins beating the Jets in their own backyard. Because this was the Jets beating the Jets. Darrelle Revis to the rescue. Bring on Brady! Bring on the Pats!

Revis darted and dashed off his famous island to intercept a telegraphe­d pass by Cousins in the left flat early in the third quarter. It only changed everything. It changed Fitzpatric­k, whose 18yard touchdown scamper on the next play made it Jets 20, Redskins 13. He later added touchdown passes to Marshall and Decker.

It changed Marshall, who came back for an underthrow that became a 35yard touchdown catch when Dashon Goldson inadverten­tly bumped Bashaud Breeland near the right sideline.

It changed the dispositio­n of Gang Green, which began suffocatin­g Cousins and intercepte­d him again (Marcus Gilchrist) on a bomb for Jamison Crowder and staged a goalline stand in garbage time of a game that ended Jets 34, Redskins 20.

It didn’t change the rolling thunder in Chris Ivory’s relentless legs (146 yards rushing, one touchdown, 50 yards receiving). He didn’t need the halftime exhortatio­ns for more energy and pride from Todd Bowles at all.

It did change the magnitude and the stakes of next Sunday’s firstplace showdown against Superman Brady. So Bring on Brady. Bring on the Pats. “We have a special team and the scary thing is we have a long way to go,” Marshall said.

A long way to go to measure up to Brady and the Patriots. And a short amount of time to get there.

“I heard LeBron James, and I went back and watched his inter view after his first championsh­ip,” Marshall said, “and one of the things he talked about was the first year in Miami, he tried to be something that he wasn’t. And when he did that, he had a terrible year. And that’s the same thing for anybody or any team in any sport, you got to stick to your game plan. “And for us it’s another game.” It’s just another game against the Evil Empire that has won six straight AFC East crowns and 12 of the last 14.

This philosophy, of course, comes down from the mountainto­p from Bowles. To Rex Ryan, these Patriots games were always Armagedon.

The truth lies somewhere in between, and closer to Armageddon than Just Another Game. Bring on Brady. Bring on the Pats. “I’m not looking at it as, ‘Oh, this is the biggest week of our life.’ Every week is the biggest week of our life,” Antonio Cromartie said.

There are 39 million reasons why Revis was lured away from Bill Belichick’s kingdom to come back home. Mike Maccagnan killed two birds with one stone, and gave the Jets and their fan base hope that the balance of power in the AFC East has been altered.

“He’s just the best,” Marshall said. “You guys know, you guys started the whole Revis Island years ago. So you guys already know.”

Revis, the BradyPeyto­n Manning of cornerback­s, overcame an early 2yard touchdown slant to Garçon to remind everyone why it is hazardous to visit him on his island.

“I kind of baited Cousins,” Revis said. “I kind of let the receiver cross my face on the play. He was going through his progressio­ns, and he had his back turned to me at one point. Then once he turned his shoulders, then I intercepte­d the ball.”

Revis wouldn’t be baited into any Armagedon conversati­on.

“Being in this rivalry, it’s always been close,” Revis said. “We have our fair share of wins and they do too, and it’s going to be a battle next week.”

Do you think being around Brady for a year will help you next week? Did you learn something about him? Of course he did. “I don’t know,” Revis said. “I don’t know, we’ll see.”

Is there anything you can personally offer in terms of preparing for the Patriots? Of course he can. “They’re a team, man. Any team can be best any week on any given Sunday. We’re going up there, we’re familiar with them, they’re familiar with us ... it’s going to be a great game.”

Do you think it will tell this team a little bit more about how good it is? Of course it will. “It’s just another week on the schedule, and it’s a long season. We’ll see how it goes next week,” Revis said. Bring on Brady. Bring on the Pats.

 ??  ?? GETTING IN THE WAY: Darrelle Revis runs with the ball after intercepti­ng Kirk Cousins’ pass during the third quarter of the Jets’ 34-20 victory over the Redskins on Sunday.
GETTING IN THE WAY: Darrelle Revis runs with the ball after intercepti­ng Kirk Cousins’ pass during the third quarter of the Jets’ 34-20 victory over the Redskins on Sunday.

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