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Brawlers’ black & blue Friday

- Laura Italiano

Shoppers decked the halls — and each other — as they battled and brawled their way through stores across the country Friday.

Video footage of merchandis­e mayhem included two men punching and slapping each other silly as they fell to the shiny tile floor of a food court inside a mall in Louisville, Ky.

Onlookers cheered the men on, even as a female shopper got knocked down in the melee. A police officer finally rushed in and broke the fight up after about 30 tense seconds.

At a second Louisville shopping center, a dozen more men were caught on video throwing punches. It was unclear what prompted either fight.

At a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, a crowd of more than a dozen men and women warred over heavily discounted flatpanel television­s. The cellphone video clip, posted online, garnered thousands of views.

Ruben Garcia, 23, was among those angling for a TV — but wound up arrested instead.

Garcia had stepped on a female shopper as he grabbed the television she was holding, police told the El Paso Times. He then refused to give up his prize when confronted by a police officer, instead hitting the cop multiple times, police said.

Another popular clip showed a salescraze­d woman pulling a boxed vegetable steamer out of the arms of a little girl at a store in Saginaw, Mich., prompting the child’s mother to scream in protest.

But instead of screaming “Hands off my kid,” the mother screamed, “Gimme that box!”

The most spectacula­r of Black Friday videos featured two women in a Walmart in Deer Park, Texas.

First, one woman compares the other lady’s “mama” to a female dog. The lady responds by headbuttin­g her foe, prompting a hairpullin­g freeforall.

“I don’t regret what I did,” accused headbutter Jessica Albitz told the local Eyewitness News station after she was charged with assault. “I defended myself and my family.”

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