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True NYers skip online, get in line


Online shopping is for wimps, according to the brave, battered, bagschlepp­ing realworld shoppers of New York.

“You have to risk it for the biscuit,” quipped Franco Fresno, 27, of The Bronx, explaining why he was elbowing his way through the throngs in Herald Square on Black Friday. “You have to be a tough New Yorker.’’

The constructi­on worker said he prefers brickandmo­rtar shopping to the virtual kind because “I need to actually see it and touch it before I buy.”

While shopping in cyberspace is growing in popularity — with some $2.6 billion in online spending projected nationwide for this year’s Black Friday, an 8 percent increase over last year — the city’s intrepid foot soldiers of shopping couldn’t care less.

“They’re lazy,” said Elizabeth Liz, 40, of online shoppers as she browsed in Union Square.

“They don’t want to get outside,” said the homehealth attendant from the Lower East Side. “They want to stay inside and have everything come to them. I want to come and feel it, look at it, try it on.”

Sabina Galvan is only 12 and even she was extolling the virtues of reallife stores.

“I think there are better deals in stores,” she said as she shopped at Queens Place in Elmhurst with dad Juan.

Edna Turner, of Jamaica, Queens, said, “Shopping makes me feel good.’’

“I love the crowd. I love the music. It energizes me,” Turner said. “It puts you in a good mood.”

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