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Finding a Strategy on ISIS: Something Needs To Change


ISIS could’ve been decimated by the Air Force last year when they were marching from Syria into Iraq (“Oui are failing to lead,” Michael Goodwin, Nov. 25).

ISIS wouldn’t have been able to conquer Iraqi territory or large cities with banks, heavy armaments and oil facilities. It also wouldn’t have been able to murder thousands of Christians and Muslims who refused to be radicalize­d.

Most importantl­y, it wouldn’t have become the most effective terrorist organizati­on in the world.

Had President Obama approved a “no fly safe zone” in Syria, thousands of civilians wouldn’t have died and millions wouldn’t have emigrated to Europe or the United States. Amos Turner

Highland Park, Ill.

Although there’s no doubt ISIS acquires its recruits through insidious means, their recruitmen­t is made possible primarily because of a morally corrupt Western foreign policy that has been destroying much of the Middle East for as long as I can remember.

Unfortunat­ely, the West will likely continue to do so until the side with the biggest stick and/or most unrelentin­g malicious motivation gets the last tat for tit.

These facts are what triggers those initial sparks of outrage at such massive injustices committed in the Middle East, with so much of it specifical­ly directed against Muslims.

Frank Sterle White Rock, BC, Canada

King Abdullah of Jordan called it right when he said the Muslim faith is at war against radical Islam. This is something our president fails to mention.

What can moderate Muslims do to defeat radical Islamists? They should banish radical Islamists from their religion.

They should speak out against the nonsense of killing innocent Muslims and nonMuslims and how foolish it is for the killers to think they’re considered a martyr by a just God.

These misguided fools blowing up themselves and others aren’t going to paradise. They’re doing the Devil’s work and they’re heading in the wrong direction. Dick Schmeelk Palm Beach, Fla.

As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, I advocate for proper and useful security measures and welcome any visitor to our mosques — including law enforcemen­t officials.

However, I remind all Americans not to forget the spirit of acceptance and charity that’s a fundamenta­l part of the holiday season. Let’s not stereotype an entire faith based upon the perverted beliefs and horrific acts of a rogue minority.

Let’s not create a divide among ourselves and allow ISIS to win.

Nasir Ahmad Tinton Falls, NJ

Why has war become the first choice of action abroad when problems arise?

We presume bombing ISIS will succeed in stabilizin­g the region. The failures in Afghanista­n, Iraq and Libya suggest something different.

After these countries are shattered, foreign powers can come in and steal their resources.

It seems war’s more about imperialis­t plunder and the advancemen­t of the few rather than resolving the conflict in question.

Louis Shawcross Hillsborou­gh, Ireland

President Obama should acknowledg­e that the power of ISIS is not diminishin­g. Clearly it’s time for the president to rethink his policy.

He must untie the hands of our military. For far too long — over a year — our military was prohibited from bombing key ISIS areas because a single civilian might’ve been in the area. Russia doesn’t seem to be worried about things like that. Arthur Horn

East Windsor, NJ

 ?? Balkis Press / ABACA ?? A group of ISIS soliders in Syria.
Balkis Press / ABACA A group of ISIS soliders in Syria.

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