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DONALD Trump always had an eye for the ladies, but there was something about Marla Maples, a willowy actress from Dalton, Ga., that made him unusually careless. Maples was a doe-eyed homecoming queen with a sassy Southern twang hoping to make it in movies — and had just won a bit part on an episode of “Dallas” — when Trump saw her at a party in New York in 1989.

“Best Sex I’ve Ever Had,” read The Post’s famous front page in 1990 after a friend of the 26-yyear-old beauty not only confirmed the affair butut gave us the inside scoop of why the actress fell so hard for the mogul.

Wife Ivana was furious as Maples replaced her as Trump’s new eye candy. Maples was even his date at the April 2, 1990, grand opening of his Taj Mahal resort in Atlantic City, as a broken-hearted Ivana stayed home with the kids.

Trump married Maples in a huge ceremony at The Plaza on Dec. 20, 1993, two months afterr their only child, daughter Tiffany, was born.

Maples’ acting career stalled during their marriage — whenever she got a role, as in “The Will Roger Follies” on Broadway, it was believed she was there merely as a favor to Trump.

The marriage ended in 1999, and Maples fled the tycoon’s ever-increasing shadow for a quiet life in California, where she has resided ever since.

Meanwhile, Ivana and The Donald mended fences — she was a big supporter during the presidenti­al The Post headline: “The Best Ex I Ever Had.”

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