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A New Sheriff in Town: Trump’s Strike on Syria


It’s about time the US punished Syria for crossing President Barack Obama’s red line (“Trump strikes,” April 7).

Innocent women and children were slaughtere­d in the chemical attacks, and President Trump has shown he’ll make Bashar al- Assad pay for it. Patrick Phelan Sebastian, Fla.

President Trump’s order to strike the Syrian airstrip proved he’s a leader with backbone who will take action.

Obama may have drawn a “red line,” but the only color associated with him is yellow. Tommy Dejulio New Rochelle

I didn’t vote for Trump, but it seems we finally have a president who has a heart and a soul, rather than a feckless coward who only cared about political expediency.

Obama will be remembered for what he was: a complete failure in foreign policy. President Trump should be applauded for acting forcefully against a war criminal like Assad. Perry Greenberg Brooklyn

I support President Trump’s decision to strike Syria. The atrocity of gassing innocent Syrian civilians, including children, was a war crime that demanded a response. There is no question that it was perpetrate­d by the Syrian government as it has done before. It had to be addressed. It left a no-win situation.

The Syrian morass demonstrat­es the importance of maintainin­g good relations with our allies, because we’ll need their help in situations such as this. The civilized world must speak with one voice.

The president demon- strated that a nation like ours will not stand idly by when we witness barbaric behavior. Oren M. Spiegler Upper Saint Clair, Pa.

Is the West going to go to war with every country that orchestrat­es a chemical attack? War seems to be the only solution the West offers.

The United States should have learned from the last two decades that war is not a solution. Syria has been thwarting outside aggression for the last five years.

Is a chemical attack supposedly orchestrat­ed by the government justificat­ion for the West bombing Syria? Louis Shawcross Hillsborou­gh, Ireland

President Trump has proved he names the enemy and doesn’t draw imaginary lines in the sand. America went to Disneyworl­d in 2008 and lost our way back home. Rolly Lessin Staten Island

As emotionall­y satisfying as it is to throw bombs at bad guys, further American engagement in Syria is now all but inevitable.

The question we must ask ourselves is: how many Americans should sacrifice their lives to the Syrian civil war? My vote is none.

President Trump has chosen to stake his credibilit­y on deterring Syrian government atrocities. At considerab­le political cost, Obama fought to prevent us from reaching this moment. We’re about to find out what happens when Syria becomes America’s problem. Eric Hagemann Brooklyn

Friday’s strike against Syria changed the rules. After eight years of Obama’s weak and naive leadership, the tyrants of the world assumed they could act with no retaliatio­n from the US.

Trump’s order sent a signal that there are limits on what his administra­tion will allow and that ignoring those limits comes with a price. Iran, North Korea and Russia should be watching carefully. Steve Heitner Port Jefferson

Even Democrats must realize the true implicatio­ns of Trump’s airstrike: It alerts the leaders of Russia and China that America is back! Trump can be trusted with our country. Myron Hecker Manhattan

 ?? ZUMAPRESS.COM ?? A Tomahawk launches from USS Porter.
ZUMAPRESS.COM A Tomahawk launches from USS Porter.

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