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Slow going for new Qns. station house


Skyscraper­s can be built in a couple of years, but Mayor de Blasio couldn’t say Monday when a long-awaited new police station house would open in Queens, even after announcing that a location had been found after more than a year of searching.

The location for the new 116th Precinct station house will be in what is now a parking lot adjacent to the satellite building of the overburden­ed 105th Precinct.

The mayor conceded that the timetable for building the additional station needs to be improved.

“It can take years, I can say that much for sure,” he said.

“The normal history of how long it takes to put together a police precinct is a long one and I’m not happy about that. It has to go through the full ULURP [land-review] process. I want to see if we can speed it up.”

The new station house will go up at 242-40 North Conduit Ave. in Rosedale — a space that took 14 months to nail down.

“We announced the original decision to fund it, but then the problem is we didn’t have a site. A very exhaustive process went on to find a site. And the determina- tion was that enough could be done here . . . this was actually the right place,” de Blasio said.

Residents have been waiting four decades for the new station house.

Jean Bilces, owner of Lapiyay Grocery in Rosedale, said he’s been hearing about the phantom 116th Precinct since he opened his shop 12 years ago.

“It doesn’t surprise me there is another problem,” he said.

“The government takes a long time.”

The 116th will cover half the territory now overseen by the 105th Precinct, which covers 12.43 square miles — one of the largest areas of any precinct.

Residents gripe that the average response time for emergency calls handled by the 105th is nine minutes, compared with the citywide average of seven.

The new precinct’s borders have yet to be determined while the NYPD conducts an analysis of its 911 calls, crime rates and qualityof-life issues.

De Blasio promised to come up with a “firm number” within a few days on when the 116th Precinct would be up and running.

By comparison, it took a year and 45 days for constructi­on of the Empire State Building in 1930-31.

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