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Roth: ‘Stay frosty’


VAN Halen rocker David Lee Roth turned heads in LA when he recently showed up at the Standard Hollywood escorted by no less than “16 beautiful women” spies said. The singer, 62, and his harem “took up the entire main booth” at Bryan Rabin and Adam Bravin’s weekly Giorgio’s party at the hotel’s club Mmhmmm. Star-struck clubgoers, including Alicia Silverston­e, Garcelle Beauvais and Michele Hicks, all “took a moment to pay homage to the living rock god.” Then, “Roth danced all night to Giorgio’s annual Michael Jackson tribute.” Van Halen’s ex-manager Noel E. Monk just penned a tell-all, prompting Roth to tweet answers to all potential questions posed by journalist­s about the tome: “Mr. Roth’s responses are as follows: Answer No. 1: Yes. Answer No. 2: Probably. Answer No. 3: My lawyer says I can’t remember. Final response: ‘What a long great trip it’s been, stay frosty.’ ”

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