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Hal show here after Long wait

- Cindy Adams

SUMMERTIME and the livin’ is easy — unless you make a buck on Broadway.

William Ivey Long, sixtime Tony-winning costumer for “The Producers,” “Hairspray,” “Grey Gardens,” “Crazy for You” and probably everything even before Helen Hayes was in vitro, is now costuming multi-award-winning producer/director Hal Prince’s musical bio.

Hal Prince gave us “Phantom of the Opera,” “West Side Story,” “Cabaret” and probably even preceded William Ivey Long. His production­s have had internatio­nal audiences so his coming “Prince of Broadway” — in the talking and trying f ive years — recently tested in Tokyo.

Says Long: “Not a revue, it’s a compendium segueing from this to that.” Which means what? “Everything theatergoe­rs will love. Vignettes from those great production­s. Snippets of all his shows. A fire-escape scene from ‘West Side Story.’ Lamppost scene from ‘She Loves Me.’ Glorious, glamorous clothes.”

First preview is Aug. 3. The Samuel J. Friedman Theatre.

Fancy golfing to include actual king

PLEASE try to pay attention. Global golfers are invited to play this week at the king of Morocco’s Royal Golf Club, which is in Cabo Negro, which is somewhere in his country’s northern turf.

And this is his Royal Tournament for which His Majesty will schlep there himself personally to attend.

Landau’s big nod

THE late Martin Landau. Up for Best Supporting Oscar in ’89, he brought daughters Juliet, a dancer, and publicist Susan. Their mommy actress Barbara Bain said: “I’m not going. We haven’t been together for years.” And what Martin then told me was: “This nomination meant a lot. These last years I wasn’t getting major f ilms. I was being offered junk. I considered this nomination had a spiritual aspect. I now go around thinking positively and keeping a good thought. My career and I are taking one step at a time.” When he won in 1995, where did he keep the statuette? “Over my TV set.” EXCUUUSE me and with apologies to CNN — Continue No News — can we please . . . please . . . just stop talking Russia . . . and maybe please start talking America?! Said to me on a street that’s only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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